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Mywegmansconnect is the official online employee website for all Wegmans employees.

Your Guide To Using Mywegmansconnect Employee Portal.

Wegmans is a US-based supermarket chain that employs approximately 50,000 at various locations across the eastern United States. If you’re a Wegmans employee, you’ll want to become familiar with the company’s employee portal, which is known as Mywegmansconnect.

How to login to the portal:

Mywegmansconnect Login Help – Step-By-Step.

How do I log in to my Mywegmansconnect employee account?

Once your employee account is set up, you can log in by following these steps:

  • 1. Go to the old Mywegmansconnect login page by typing in your browser, or go directly to the Mywegmansconnect login page here. The page will automatically re-direct you to the new Wegmans login page, which is managed by Microsoft.
  • 2. Once the new login page loads, enter your Employee ID and add For example, if your employee ID is 0123, you’d type [email protected] as your username. At this point you won’t need to enter a password.
  • 3. Click on “Next”.
  • 4. On the next screen, your Username will have been carried over from the previous page. Now, enter your password, and click on “Sign In”.
  • 5. You’re now logged into your account.
After entering your User ID and clicking on “Next”, you will find yourself on the last login page. All you have to do is enter your password, and click on “Sign In”.

If you’re logging in from a mobile device, then use

An alternative Mywegmansconnect login is available at

Mywegmansconnect Account Registration.

How do I register for a My Wegmans Connect account?

If you’re a new Wegmans employee, you cannot create a Mywegmansconnect Account online by yourself. Once, employed you will be given an email address and password to log in with.

To recover an old Mywegmansconnect account, do the following:

  • Type in your browser.
  • Click on “Can’t access your account?”
  • You’ll see a screen with two options: 1. Working/School account and 2. Personal Account. Click on “Working/school account”.
  • Enter your Wegmans  User ID and enter the CAPCHA code.
  • Click on “Next”.

Mywegmansconnect Login Problems

If you can’t log in to my My_wegmansconnect Employee account, it may be due to one of these common problems:

  • Make sure that you’ve completed the account registration process.
  • Check your WiFi connection.
  • Check that you are on correct login page:
  • Make sure you’ve type the correct User ID and password.
  • These fields are case sensitive, so check that CAPS LOCK is off.
  • If you copy and paste your User ID or password, make sure that you’re not pasting any additional spaces.
  • Try logging in with another device, like a tablet or mobile phone.
  • Try logging in using another browser (Chrome, Mozilla, or Internet Explorer).
  • Clear your browser cookies and cache, and try logging in again.

Mywegmansconnect Password Reset.

I’ve forgotten my Mywegmansconnect employee password. How do I reset it?

Here you have two options:

What Is Mywegmansconnect User ID?

Your user ID is your Wegmans employee email address, which consists of your username followed by For example, if your employee username is 0123, you’d type [email protected] as your user ID.

Mywegmansconnect Schedule.

How Do I view my Wegmans work schedule online?

To see your weekly and monthly work schedule online, type in your browser and log in with your user ID and password. And you can always phone or speak to your manager to find out this information.

Mywegmansconnect Wage Statements & Payslips.

How do I view my Wegmans payslips?

To view current and past payslips, simply log into the Mywegmansconnect portal and navigate to the payslips and wage statements section.

Wegmans Contacts.

How do I contact the Mywegmansconnect HR Department?

You can reach this department by calling the company’s headquarters. Their phone number is 1-800-934-6267, and this is a toll-free number. Then, ask to be transfered to Human Ressources.

Other Resources.

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